Food Runners

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kid's Stuff

Have you seen what's being served for lunch at some of San Francisco's private schools? 
Picking up at Cathedral School
On Tuesday, the Hamlin School  served up vegetarian tortilla soup, tofu Adobo, steamed brown rice, glazed snap peas and Israeli cous cous salad.   Last Wednesday, Cathedral School for Boys dished out whole wheat quesadillas with smoky pinto beans and Mexican rice.  Next Thursday, St. Ignatius College Prep will feature BBQ beef tri-tip on ciabatta with corn on the cob and Greek salad. Glorious!  What's even more glorious is that when these schools have leftover food, they call Food Runners. 

"I wish I was having lunch at St. Ignatius," joked Food Runners volunteer Bruno Z. who loves doing food runs there.  "The Reuben sandwiches I picked up today looked amazing," he continued.  "And there were so many of them.  I filled my trunk."
Delivery to Thrive House
"My car smelled so yummy after my food run to Hamlin School on Monday," remarked volunteer Amy H.  "There must have been 50 pounds of fresh home-made macaroni and cheese in that box. Nothing Kraft about it!  Thank goodness for  Sous Chef "Spoon." No way could I have gotten that box to the car myself."

"It was so great, the time I  picked up at the Bay School," marveled volunteer Ashely R. who stepped in for Bay School regular runner Eloise J. one Friday.  "There was so much food.  The chef just said, "sometimes the kids eat, sometimes they don't."  My mouth watered all the  way to Thrive House.   There were two trays of pulled pork tacos, two trays of barbecued chicken sandwiches, a tray of sweet potato fries, a tub of cole slaw and a tray of chocolate cake. Thuy, the program director at Thrive House was so excited when she saw the delivery. Not only did she have more kids at the program than usual that day, but it was someone's birthday.  How cool was that?"
Lunch at the Bay School

Getting enough to eat and eating healthfully is an education and a privilege that many children in San Francisco do not get.  Food Runners helps bridge the gap by directing as much as possible of the kid friendly, nutritious food donations from schools like Cathedral, Sacred Heart, Hamlin, the Bay School and St. Ignatius  to programs serving low-income youth like Thrive House, Back on Track, City Impact and more.  From kids to kids.  Perfect. 

Does your child, grandchild, niece or nephew attend a school like Hamlin, Sacred Heart or St. Ignatius?  Ask the chef what happens to the leftover food.  Tell the kitchen staff about Food Runners.  More food to more kids.