Food Runners

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Coming Back for More

With all the new found wealth and prosperity pouring into San Francisco, do you ever find yourself thinking about those in need?  Do you find yourself thinking about ways to give back?  Have you ever wondered about what goes on during a food run and why people become Food Runners volunteers?

Let Food Runners volunteers give you the lowdown.... the fun, the funny and the inspirational.

Betsy N and husband Robert, volunteers since November 2011:
"On the way to our pick up [Fillmore Street Farmers Market], we noticed a very low rear tire... called AAA and limped into a repair shop on Divisadero.  I explained that we had to get moving because we had to pick up food for the needy by 1PM or it would be thrown away.  When I mentioned that the food was going to Walden House, the gent dealing with our tire lit up and said he was a graduate from Asian American Recovery Services [also a Food Runners recipient] and a big fan of the Walden House program which is under the same umbrella organization as Asian American Recovery Services.  We were very worried that we'd never make it to the market in time, but we were out in 15 minutes with a fixed tire.  Oh, the power of the name of Food Runners and its beneficiaries!" 

Volunteer Robert Riding Shotgun on the Fillmore Farmers Market Run
Julie D, volunteer since January 2014:
[Julie does runs with her 7 year old son]
"I just want to say how impressed I am with all that Food Runners does. We are so grateful to be able to play a small part in Food Runners enormous good!

Ann K and husband Ed S, volunteers since November 2011:  
"I just had to share our Trader Joe's experience of today [Feb 16] and how happy it made so many people. Along with the typical mountain of food donations waiting for us at TJ's, there were 4 shopping carts completely filled with flowers left over from Valentine's Day. We delivered the food to to our usual spot where we also left several large, bouquets. The men were thrilled. One of the gents told us he was expecting his mom for a visit that day. He couldn't wait to give her flowers. We brought the remaining flowers to St. Anthony's Dining Room. There were enough to fill the vases  on all of the dinner tables and still have tons left over. I got permission from the dining room manager to give every guest a rose as they left. So many smiles, so much joy and so many people saying they couldn't remember the last time someone gave them a flower. Trader Joe's made several thousand people's day today. It was the best Valentine's Day ever even though it was no longer Valentine's Day. While the flowers may not have been food for the belly; today, we delivered food for the soul to some of the hungriest San Franciscans! Thank you for the opportunity, Food Runners."

Cart Full of Flower Donations at Trader Joe's
Mary W, volunteer since March 2013:
[on occasion that her car refused to start after she'd just loaded up a large donation at Twitter while on her regular Friday afternoon, rush hour run with delivery to Father Alfred Center, just a few blocks away]
"At Food Runners suggestion, Chef Angelo from Father Alfred sent several guys over to rescue the food.  More hands than needed, really, but I'm sure the guys didn't mind getting out for a walk.  A stellar gesture on their part and one that likely makes me the Worst. Runner. Ever. I can't believe they had to pick the food up from ME! I will have to figure out a way to make it up to those guys. On the good news end, no car problems on my earlier run.  Community Focus positively did cartwheels over over the three big boxes of chicken from Google.  As for ole Otto (my car), it took awhile, but I was finally able to get a tow. Thank you for your quick thinking, Food Runners.  The food got to where it was needed even in the face of disaster and that's what matters most." 

KM at donor LendingHome about Micki E and husband Nadie, volunteers since October 1987:
[regarding the first ever pick up at LendingHome]
"The two food runners who came today absolutely touched my heart! I was blown away by how kind and wonderful they were. It was truly amazing getting a chance to meet them! They told me a little bit about the food drop off that they do in the Tenderloin [the Aarti] and I instantly wanted to know more! Since first connecting with Food Runners last week, I have just had a smile on my face every time I think about what  Food Runner does."

Volunteering for Food Runners Looks Like This
Nutritious food is still being thrown away every day in San Francisco.  Did you know that approximately 160,000 San Franciscans don't have enough to eat on a daily basis?  Tell your friends and local businesses with food about Food Runners.  Helping to alleviate hunger and prevent waste is just a phone call away at 415-929-1866.