Food Runners

Friday, October 24, 2014

Team Work

The kids had a ball.  As did their parents.  As did Sam.  As did Frank.  Food Runners volunteers often work alone for the common good of the greater community.  But not always.  See what happens when volunteers team up.  Even more good.  Even greater community. Even more fun! 

Team at Work
"Neither Seth nor I can do our Ferry Building Farmers Market run this week," Keith told dispatch a few weeks ago.  "Please find replacements for us."  Done. Sam volunteered to drive the Food Runners truck but, his left  foot was in a cast rendering it impossible for him to make the rounds collecting vendor's donations as is the protocol.  Driving only for Sam. Food collectors needed. Enter volunteers Karyn and Julien and their kids. "Great fun at the farmers market pick up  on Saturday," raved Frank who assists Keith and Seth regularly and was on site to help direct that day. "Karyn and Julien brought their children which made it special – Sam was great – what an upbeat nice guy! They all made the substitute runner experience a real blast! And an efficient one at that." Go team!

Julien Making the Rounds
"Our truck 'as an oil leak.  It will be in zee shop tomorrow," stated Sister Marie Benedict of Fraternite Notre Dame in her beautiful French accent. "We need 'elp bringing zee food and zee tables to and from United Nations Plaza for zee Tuesday night dinner outside." No problem. Food Runners made arrangements for transportation aid in a flash.  The Food Runners truck arrived at Fraternite at 3PM.  Jose, the driver, helped the Sisters load their equipment and food into the truck for the short ride to the UN Plaza.  Food Runners returned to the scene at 6PM in the form of a volunteer in a station wagon who happily transported Sister Marie Benedict and the greatly reduced load back to Fraternite Notre Dame. The Sisters passed out over 200 dinners in the plaza that evening thanks in part to the assistance of Food Runners.  Go team!

"We're at the finish line of the Nike Women's Marathon in Marina Green," explained Rocco of Morningstar Farms last Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.  "We have 50 trays of burritos and 80 cases of  frozen vegetarian sausage patties along with the buns to go with them. They won't let vehicles into the area until 3. We'd hate to see all this go to waste. Can Food Runners pick it up?"  Food Runners sprang into action.  At 3PM sharp, three Food Runners volunteers arrived at Marina Green ready to rumble. "Wow," muttered all three when they saw the amount of food. "We need a bigger boat," they collectively thought.  But, 20 minutes later, to everyone's astonishment, everything was loaded up and ready for delivery.  "I'm always amazed at how much food I can fit in my car," stated volunteer William as he stuffed one last case of patties into his mid-sized sedan. "You just have to get creative,"  William concluded.  With that, three cars riding low under the weight of the donations, headed over the hills to their delivery destinations in the Tenderloin, SOMA, Bayview and the Mission.  "The burritos were fantastic," reported Sadie from Ellis Street Senior Community.  "There were enough for everyone to take two.  Dinner today and dinner tomorrow. Dinner that some of the residents wouldn't have at all without Food Runners. Such a blessing, Food Runners.  Thank you." Go team. 

Burritos, burritos, burritos!!
Alexander the Great said, "Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all." Nothing could be truer at Food Runners: whether working alone or in groups.  Go Team!

Convention season is in full swing and holiday season is just around the corner.  Have you thought about what happens to the leftover food at the holiday parties and galas you will attend? If you suspect it will be thrown away, tell the caterer about Food Runners.  A simple phone call to 415-929-1866 will keep the food out of the garbage and get it to where it is needed most.