Food Runners

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ethan's Story

Ethan Acharya

Bounty at the Ferry Building Farmers Market
Ethan is eight years old. He has short black hair and sparkly brown eys. He is full of energy and he loves to talk. Ethan has been a faithful Food Runners Volunteer since he was four. The highlight of his week is volunteering alongside his dad Seth, "Uncle" Frank and "Aapa" (long time Volunteer Keith G) on the Ferry Building Farmers Market run in the Food Runners truck. Ethan is so excited that his four year old borther Matthew has recently joined the crew. Below, in his own words, complete with his own spelling and grammar, is Ethan's story of how he spends his Saturday afternoons and what being a Food Runners Volunteer means to him. 

Seth and the crew collecting donations

"Food Runners is an non profit organization of people giving food to the needy. Food Runners get’s food from farmer’s market. the goal for Food Runners is providing the needy people food.

Me,dad,Aapa & uncle Frank do this volunteer service every Saturday. it’s called Food Runners. if you live in San Francisco I bet you’ve seen the truck before. So every Saturday at 12:30 we leave the house with boxes and then we go to pier 80 to get the truck.

Next we go to this guy named Tree at Martin de porres and we get more boxes. We ride to the ferry building farmer’s market.

We go around the market and we give the farmers the boxes. we carry around a cart and we say “Food Runners bring out your food." there is a farm named star root farm and there is another called EATWELL FARM & TORY FARM and a lot of others.

Some of the generous farmers at the market

They fill up the boxes with food and we collect them with the cart

Then we leave the market and we go around town giving homeless shelters food so when the homeless arrive they get food. Then we go to pier 80 again to get our car and park our truck and then we go home THE END!

Tips: who started Food Runners  - Mary Risley. it was established 30 + years ago with the idea nothing goes to waste and the service does it every day! I love doing Food Runners it’s fun."

Like father, like son

'Tis the season of giving.  Food Runners is growing fast in repsonse to the growing food insecuirty in our wonderful city.  We need your help.  Plese donate what you can. Every little bit helps. 


Thank you!

Loading the truck with the donations

Get Well card drawn by "Uncle" Frank and signed by 
the farmers at the Farmers Market when Ethan broke his arm 
just as Shelter in Place went into effect last March.