Food Runners

Monday, October 7, 2013

America's Cup Runneth Over

Sleek boats skimmed across the bay at lightning speeds, their majestic masts so high they seemed to scrape the sky. Bystanders packed the waterfront from the shores of Tiburon to the Ferry Building  and beyond.  The 34th America's Cup race brought thrills, crowds and excitement to San Francisco all summer long. For Food Runners, it all started in June with Levy's Restaurant, the company contracted to supply the food at the America's Cup Pavilion.

Summer in the City.
Security was tight.  Lockdown tight.  "May I see your ID," intoned the right-out-of-Central-Casting-security-guard stationed at the entrance of Pier 29 1/2.  Food Runners flashed a driver's license.  The guard gave Food Runners a long, slow once over in that way that women do when eyeballing a rival's gown at an opening night gala.  "Who are you here to see," the guard quipped, all serious business.  "Dan with Levy's," replied Food Runners.  "Wait here," the guard instructed.  Following 10 minutes of unintelligible walkie-talkie crackle between security and an unknown source, Dan of Levy's emerged from the inner gloom of the cavernous pier, riding a mini flatbed piled high with trays and boxes of food.  Sliced meats and cheeses by the pound.  Trays full of corn on the cob.  Burritos by the dozen.  And more.  So much more.  Enough to fill the Food Runners volunteer's mini-van leaving barely enough room to see out the back window.

Pull in here.  Wait for security clearance.
"It was our first weekend," Dan explained. "We really didn't know how what to expect.  It's doubtful we'll have amounts like this regularly, but can Food Runners come whenever we have extra?" "Absolutely!"  Food Runners responded.  Levy's called with donations numerous times over the course of the America's Cup events.  Not long after Levy's initial call, America's Cup/Live Nation called.  "I'm the caterer who provides the back stage food for the cast and crew for all of the shows in  the America's Cup Concert Series," Jill stated.  "We'd like to get a pick up at the end of each show for all ten shows.  There's always good food left over and I can't stand throwing it away.  I can't believe what a wonderful service Food provides.  Are you able to come around 9PM for all ten shows?"  "Yes! Yes! Yes!" exclaimed Food Runners. No brainer.  Every pick up contained a major feast of one sort or another.  One donation even included a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Karyn, the volunteer on the job, bestowed by Jill as a thank you to Food Runners.

Typical America's Cup/Live Nation pick up.
To top things off, the annual Oracle Open World Convention coincided with the final week of the America's Cup festivities making the last week in September one of the busiest weeks in Food Runners history.  For a whole week, San Francisco was awash in excess food. For a whole week, Food Runners made sure that, all over town, agencies feeding the hungry got a piece of the pie.

Convention season is in full swing and holiday season is just around the corner.  Have you thought about what happens to the leftover food at the holiday parties and galas you will attend? If you suspect it will be thrown away, tell the caterer about Food Runners.  A simple phone call to 415-929-1866 will keep the food out of the garbage and get it to where it is needed most.