Food Runners

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Middle Schooler That Could

When Brandeis Hillel 8th grader Sabrina Perrell wanted to give something special back, she chose Food Runners.  Ever since she was a tot, Sabrina has been interested in food, sustainable practices, recycling, composting at home and helping social programs in her community.  As a young child, the girl with the soft blond girls and captivating modest smile loved sinking her small hands into fecund brown soil at the local community garden in the Presidio.  As she grew older,  she enjoyed planting her own garden at home as well as growing plants and trees from fruit seeds.  In addition, the ambitious Sabrina volunteered for projects at Glide Memorial ChurchPe'ah Gardens in Colma as well as helping with beach clean ups through the SF Parks Conservancy.

Sabrina discovered Food Runners when a friend mentioned it to her.  Sabrina liked what she heard.  In 7th grade, when she had the opportunity to research a non-profit organization for a school project, deciding on Food Runners was a no-brainer.   Sabrina dove right in calling Food Runners  herself to set up an interview.  No parent intervention for this brave middle schooler.   Sabrina's excitement grew as she learned about Food Runners mission, how the organization works and about Food Runners founder and Executive Director Mary Risley.

Last August, Sabrina celebrated her Bat Mitzvah.  For her Tzedakah (community service) portion, Sabrina invited her guests to donate the traditional monetary gifts to Food Runners in her name instead of to her.  They did and continue to so generously.   In addition, Sabrina volunteered her time performing clerical work for Food Runners both over her summer vacation and during her jam packed school year. 

Sabrina's mother, Food Runners financial donor and volunteer Cheryl Harrison, reports that Sabrina earned straight A's on her report card and has been accepted to The Bay School in the Presidio beginning this fall.  From Food Runners, this soft spoken, shining example of what young people can do,  receives a big, BIG A+.  Thank you, Sabrina!

Food Runners volunteers performed  787 food runs in the month of June.  Food Runners acquired 9 new volunteers and 5 new donors in June including SusieCakes Bakery and the Stonestown Farmer's Market both of whom are donating on a regular basis. 

Are you attending any fabulous BBQ's or weddings this summer? Ask the catering staff what's happening to the leftover food.  Tell them about Food Runners.  Food Runners can pick up from their next event!