Food Runners

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not Your Typical Fare

Have you seen what they're serving for lunch at some of San Francisco's private schools? 
On Wednesday, October 13th, Cathedral School for Boys dished out quinoa elbows "mac and cheese" with honey glazed carrot coins.  Last Tuesday, St. Ignatius College Prep served lemon chicken & wild rice with broccoli & red pimentos.  Tomorrow, the Hamlin School menu features Deistel turkey or veggie tacos with fresh salsa and seasonal vegetables.  Glorious!  What's even more glorious is that when these schools have leftover food, they call Food Runners. 

"I wish I was having lunch at St. Ignatius," joked Food Runners volunteer Bruno Z. who loves doing food runs to St. Ignatius.  "The pasta dish I picked up today looked fantastic," he continued.  "And there was a lot.  I love dropping that food off at the Janet Pomeroy Center.  I'll bet it's some of the best food  those kids get all week."

"My car always smells great after a food run to Cathedral or Town School," remarked volunteer Rita G.  "I'm only sorry that I need to take a Food Runners maternity break.  I'll be back.  With the baby!"

"I couldn't believe last Friday's pick up at Cathedral School," marveled volunteer Ashley R. "there was so much food.  The chef just said, sometimes the kids eat, sometimes they don't.  My mouth watered all the way to Thrive House.   There were two trays of pulled pork tacos, two trays of barbecued chicken sandwiches, a tray of sweet potato fries, a tub of cole slaw and a tray of chocolate cake. Thuy, the program director at Thrive House was so excited when she saw the delivery. Not only did she have more kids at the program than usual that day, but it was someone's birthday.  How cool was that?"

Getting enough to eat and eating healthfully is an education and a privilege that many children in San Francisco do not get.  Food Runners helps bridge the gap by directing all the great kid friendly, nutritious food donations from schools like Cathedral, Town and the Bay School (all of whom partner with Acre Gourmet's Real School Lunch Program),  St. Ignatius College Prep and others to programs serving low-income youth like Thrive House, the Janet Pomeroy Center, Booker T. Washington Community Center after school program and more.  Kids to kids.  Perfect.

Have you been to Arizmendi Bakery's newest location in the Mission  yet? Arizmendi always remembers to call Food Runners when they have an overabundance of their fabulous products.  Stop in at this bright, sunny shop serving some of the best pastries, artisan breads and gourmet pizzas in town.  A big thank you to parishioner Nita S. of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Daly City for calling Food Runners to pick up the leftovers from the annual international feast celebration.  Food Runners volunteer Adena K. filled her car to bursting a week ago Sunday morning.  The sisters at Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity in Ingelside couldn't believe their eyes when Adena arrived.

Does your child, grandchild, niece or nephew attend a school like Town or Cathedral?  Ask the chef what happens to the leftover food.  Tell the kitchen staff about Food Runners.  More food to more kids.