Food Runners

Friday, May 25, 2012

Veteran's Day in May

Ever wonder what it's like to do a food run? Food Runners volunteer Wanda states it perfectly in an email sent to me after completing a call-in food run last week.
Dana preparing donation
"Thank you for an amazing run today.  First, I picked up from Dana at Rally.  Somehow the two of us had this incredible, instant connection.  We stood talking on the curb for at least 20 minutes with traffic and construction flying by.  Dana, who is also the founder of Food Shift, is a true, kind-spirited soul planning to do good by reducing food waste through educating the public.  Not only did she provide a huge amount of food, but I feel privileged to have met her.  

On to Sauce Labs to meet Ashley who was so excited to be offering their first donation.  Again, a significant donation -- pizzas, salads and more.  She asked lots of questions about Food runners, told me they frequently have leftovers and is hoping to become a regular donor.
By this point, as I get in my car, I am almost in tears because these two young ladies are so passionate about donating food.  Now, I need to overcome my emotions and remember that I have a car full of food to deliver!  The SOMA traffic and construction was daunting, but I had such a smile on my face.  I felt no stress. I arrived at the 9th Street address, (no parking, construction only!) but I am still smiling.  I call the veteran's group who is receiving their first donation.  The social worker in charge arrives at my car with three vets to help her and she simply cannot believe what we are delivering.  She thanks me profusely, but I remind her I am merely a  taxi -- that lots of wonderful people made the delivery possible.  "You have no idea how this is going to help," she commented.  "I have a room full of hungry vets."  She was almost in tears.  That was the last straw.  I hurried back to my illegally parked car and the tears flowed.
Words not necessary.
 I feel so honored to be part of Food Runners.  I was very sad about giving up my "regular" (weekly) run to Google when my work schedule became so unpredictable, but I think these last minute fill-in runs are going to work out just fine."

Food Runners mission is to to alleviate hunger, prevent waste and create community.  Thank you for volunteering, Wanda.  Mission accomplished!

Weddings!  Barbecues! Pool parties!  Company picnics!  Summer is here.  Do you know what's happening to the excess food at events you are attending?  Ask the caterers what they are doing with the leftovers.  Tell them about Food Runners.  In San Francisco, edible, perishable food need never go to waste.  A pick up and delivery by a smiling Food Runners volunteer is just a phone call away at 415-929-1866.