Food Runners

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Fun

"San Frantartica." "Fogust." "The coldest winter I ever spent was August in San Francisco." Must be summer in San Francisco. Yep. It's gray. It's windy. It's cold. But not at Food Runners where all the great summer happenings and events heat things right up.

By noon on Friday, August 9th, hoards of folks will begin streaming into Golden Gate Park. Purple hair, tie dyed shirts and flowing, flounced skirts will abound. Over amped strains of rock n' roll will shatter the quiet neighborhoods west of Crossover Drive. This year's Outside Lands will be underway. All three loud, crowded, freezing, foggy days of it.  The festival will dominate the western end of Golden Gate Park from  Friday, August 9th thru Sunday, August 11th.  An average of 60,000 concert goers are expected to attended each day. That's a lot of people in need of sustenance. Sustenance which will be supplied by food vendors like Escape from New York Pizza, 4505 MeatsAmerican Grilled Cheese Kitchen and many, many more. In addition, the festival's artists and tech crew of over 150 will  require three full meals daily which will be catered to perfection by Chef's Touch Catering. Altogether, that translates into a mountain of prepared food that will generate a mountain of leftovers. 

Volunteer Bill W. collecting donations at 2012 Outside Lands
Leftovers that will be picked up by Food Runners. For three nights in a row, a small crew of Food Runners volunteers will converge on the Polo Fields at 10PM. They will be driven around the festival grounds on golf carts, to various food stations, where they will collect donations set aside by the many vendors. It's a big operation involving all kinds of security measures, expert coordination and complicated logistics on the part of the festival staff who are thrilled be to be partnering with Food Runners for the third year in a row.

On the other side of town...  the very next weekend...  Food Runners volunteers will be on scene at the close of La Cocina's two big summer events: The Night Market on Friday, 8/16 and The Street Food Festival on Sat, 8/17. Both events promise excellent donations from the many vendors participating in the fun.

La Cocina Night Market in full swing.

Been following The America's Cup?  Food Runners has. Levy's Restaurant, selected by the America's Cup as the official restaurant partner to the "Summer of Racing," has been making spectacular donations since mid-June. In addition, Food Runners just began receiving equally spectacular donations from the backstage caterer to the artists and crews of the America's Cup/Live Nation concert series. The donations from both groups will continue through the close of the America's Cup events in October.  Zowie! 

Car full of America's Cup!
Get out your parkas and rub your hands together for another great San Francisco summer.  If you know of events where food plays a part, call Food Runners. 415-929-1866.  Our volunteers will see to it that excess food from this summer's events goes to San Franciscans in need instead of the compost bin. Food Runners is a simple way to warm up those famously frigid "fog days" of summer in San Francisco.