Food Runners

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Great Agency Serving North Beach

"Do you think food will be coming today," North Beach Citizens staff member Theresa inquired of Food Runners one recent Tuesday afternoon. Five minutes later, Food Runners volunteer Jim B. delivered  an unbelievable spread of fresh catered food leftover from a downtown tech company lunch.  "Steak AND chicken?!" Theresa marveled as she read the labels on the containers. "Wow. This will go a long way in keeping our clients bellies full."

Delivery by Food Runners ready for consumption at North Beach Citizens
Delivering to North Beach Citizens means a lot to Food Runners.  North Beach Citizens is a wonderful, drop-in center for the homeless founded by Francis Ford Coppola in January 2001. Through a collaboration of  North Beach residents, merchants, police and service providers, including Food Runners, North Beach Citizens helps the homeless and low income community rebuild their lives. The idea for the organization  stemmed originally from Coppola's strong feelings about panhandling.  "Panhandling is an unacceptable act for both parties." After meeting with prominent North Beach residents to discuss ways to address homelessness in the neighborhood, North Beach Citizens was born.

Miraculous resource center
Rather than simply feeding people and sending them on their way, North Beach Citizens serves as a complete resource center where the paths of people's lives are changed forever. "I first started coming because of the food," explains one 60 year old client. "But, North Beach Citizens provided me with so much more. I could use the phone. They helped me get I.D. so I could get a room. They showed me how to fill out forms for services correctly. They gave me clothes and sometimes even helped with bus fare.  North Beach Citizens saved my life, because before I started coming, I had nothing." 

"Food Runners is a huge part of our support system," reports North Beach Citizens Director, Kristie Fairchild. "The nutritious food delivered by Food Runners volunteers increases our clients health and mental clarity.  It bolsters their ability to be prepared for the kinds of appointments they need to go on in their quest to get off the streets; be they medical appointments, job interviews, meeting potential landlords and more."

Food Runners Alexa V on delivery
Food Runners and North Beach Citizens: a perfect match. Food Runners volunteers never tire of saying how meanigful delivering to North Beach Citizens is to them. And, both Food Runners and North Beach Citizens couldn't be more pleased about how working together supports an important part of the mission of both organizations which is, creating community. 

Are you attending any fabulous BBQ's or weddings this summer? Ask the catering staff what's happening to the leftover food.  Tell them about Food Runners.  Donating good food to those in need is just an app tap or  phone call away at 415-929-1866.