Food Runners

Thursday, July 6, 2017

School Days

By Tim Campbell, Volunteer
Ritz Carlton run on Fridays

Hello to all you fabulous Food Runners, clients and donors. My name is Tim Campbell and I’m a retired photographer from the National Park Service (San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, specifically). I’ve been privileged to be a Food Runners volunteer now for about 6 months and I love it!

Sacred Heart donations being loaded up.
Now that the school year is finished, it might be a good time to look at the role of some of the schools that have established relationships with Food Runners.

One example is the Schools of the Sacred Heart (Convent and Stuart Hall). The school’s food service is provided by the Epicurean Group and Food Runners contact is Chef Michael. Epicurean partners with local farmers and suppliers to serve healthy and locally sourced food for their meals.

Additionally, Epicurean and Chef Michael also provide the food for Hamlin School which is located on Broadway here in the City and donates to Food Runners as well. 

Acre Gourmet is also well represented as a source of nutritious food. Emily, from Katherine Delmar Burke’s School, Cameron at Cathedral School and Marissa at Bay School are the respective contacts for Food Runners.

Donations pick up in progress at Cathedral School
Lick Wilmerding High School, Director of Food Services, Solana Diaz started the Food Runners donation program herself and is very dedicated to the FR organization.

St. Anne’s School in the Sunset District began a Food Runners donation program as a way to teach students about giving back to the community. Their donations provide food for Metropolitan Fresh Start House, a community-based program designed to assist homeless veterans.

Solana at Lick Wilmerding passing donations to Food Runners
Food from school programs often go to other children’s programs. For example, food from Lick Wilmerding goes to the Edgewood Center which supports youth and their families through life’s challenges with a full range of behavioral health services. Food from Immaculate Conception Academy (which donates twice a week) is distributed to kids at St. Charles School while food from Sacred Heart Schools often finds its way to Back On Track. The Richmond District Neighborhood Center donates lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, among other things, to Argonne Elementary School, also located in the Richmond District.

Food Runners celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year and we thank all the schools and school districts that have become such an integral part of our mission that, food that might otherwise be wasted, is instead used to nourish the community and its children.