Food Runners

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Heroic Efforts

by Mary Risley, Director

Nopa's entrance. Photo credit: David McDuff

Since the beginning of July, Food Runners has been picking up and delivering 1000 meals a week made especially for us by Nopa.  Nopa has done an incredible job of providing nutritious, individual meals for Food Runners Volunteers to deliver to our fellow citizens residing in low-income and senior apartment buildings throughout the city during this time of crisis.  Here are some examples of what Nopa makes for Food Runners each week:

Nopa is a truly remarkable restaurant.  At Nopa there is a real farm to table connection and the very thought-out menus have appeal for everyone! 

Kitchen staff at SeaGlass preparing meals for Food Runners
Since the beginning of August the cooks at SeaGlass, the restaurant in the Exploratorium, have also been cooking and packaging 1000 individual meals for Food Runners Volunteers to deliver to San Franciscans in need.  Here are examples of what they are making:

Chef Loretta Keller states, “I have been meaning to tell you [Food Runners] how much we appreciate the opportunity to make these meals.  It has given us a new and much-needed sense of purpose during this nightmare-for-restaurants-time. 

Chef Loretta Keller. Photo Credit: ConnectedTraveler.
With the addition of the meals produced by Nopa and Seaglass, Food Runners is now delivering more than 14,000 meals a week to help feed the hungry of our city.
If you would like to become a Volunteer, please call 415.929.1866 or visit  Food Runners website. And, even more important please, please support Food Runners financially by going to

Mary Risley, Director