Food Runners

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Food Runners Now

Mary Risley, Director

Volunteers packing meals at the Waller Kitchen
Thank you so very much for your continued support of Food Runners!  You may well ask how has Food Runners adapted since the CoronaVirus outbreak in mid-March?  Our wonderful Volunteers and paid drivers are still delivering excess perishable food to the agencies that are still accepting food; but, the big news is that we are now taking much of the food donated to us and using it to cook meals in a kitchen of what was formerly the Hamilton Methodist Church on Waller St.  Six days a week, a team of professional cooks prepare enough meals to feed over 1,000 people.  A team of volunteers then packs the meals into individual containers for delivery.

          Chef Victor Parra                           Victor instructing his cooks
The kitchen crew is headed by Chef Victor Parra, an amazing cook who served as  Executive Chef at the St Regis Hotel prior to being furloughed due to COVID-19.  The kitchen Volunteers are organized by Ashlee Thompson, Food Runner’s new Dispatcher.  Each day our Volunteers and paid drivers distribute the meals to soup kitchens and low-income apartment buildings around San Francisco.  Your financial contributions enable so many hungry people in our city to receive food — thank you!!!  Even more remarkable is that your financial contribution is helping to keep two San Francisco restaurants and one catering company in business — Thank you Thank you!!

12,000 meals per week are prepared at the Waller Kitchen
In addition, we are very grateful to to help the following restaurants stay in business —- Nopa (on Divisadero at Hayes, Seaglass (in the Exploratorium) and JackRabbit Kitchen.  
      Chef Laurence Jossel of Nopa                       A meal from Nopa
Since mid July, Laurence Jossel and 8 of his staff at Nopa have been making 250 meals a day for Food Runners five days a week at a cost to us of $10 a meal.  This means that we have been able to deliver another 1,000 meals a week to our shelters.   Nopa also offers takeout and delivery to you and me Tues. thru Sat.  See for the menues!

             Chef Loretta Keller                          A meal from Loretta's Larder
Since the first of August, Loretta Keller of Loretta’s Larder has also been making 1,000 meals a week for Food Runners to deliver to our recipients.  Loretta and her staff of 8 also provide a fabulous menu for you and I to chose from and pickup on Fri. afternoons!  See for the menues.

Meals from JackRabbit Kitchen
Thanks as well to Will Pilz from for another 1,000 a meals a week. JackRabbit Kitchen is in the process of figuring out how to provide meals to the public.

So you see, your financial donations enable us to deliver over 15,000 meals a week to over 50 agencies feeding people in need!  Please, please share this email with your friends to help us raise more funds to continue to provide these meals. to our fellow San Franciscans!