Food Runners

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

One Run at a Time

by Cito Garcia, Volunteer &
Recent Weekend Dispatcher

Preamble: Cito Garcia is a Junior at Urban High School. He is a part of the class of '23.  Cito first learned about Food Runners during the the pandemic. Both of his parents work at Nopa restaurant and Food Runners played a huge role in their ability to stay up and running during the lockdown. Cito served as Food Runners weekend dispatcher this Spring from February through April. This is Cito's Food Runners story in his own words.

Working with Food Runners has been one of the best opportunities of my life. When I first learned of the organization, I was fascinated. The concept of an organization that is able to address so many different issues in San Francisco on a very fundamental, hands-on level was, to say the least, very appealing to me.

Cito's mom's car filled with donations picked up by Cito on one of his food runs
Naturally, I signed up to do a food run. Then another, and another. Suddenly, three times a week I would find myself conveniently doing runs on my way home from school. And that is the thing that stands out about this organization to me. The simple, accessible action of picking up and dropping off two-three bags of food meaningfully addresses not only the issue of food waste, but also food insecurity in places where it matters, allowing organizations throughout the city to function effectively.

Cito dispatching from his kitchen on a recent weekend.
That is why I decided to dispatch for Food Runners. I wanted to be a part of something bigger, to help fight this prevalent issue in our community. And while I am sad to step down from this position, I look back at my time dispatching for Food Runners with nothing but great pride and satisfaction. From the quick hellos to the more indepth connections I have made with donors, recipients, and volunteers alike, I will never forget the time I have spent dispatching for Food Runners. Because above all else, I have both discovered and experienced a new way to engage with my community effectively in ways I had never thought possible before.

That being said, my time is not over. While I will no longer be dispatching, you will undoubtedly find me taking runs on my way home from school or on the weekends. Because, after all, the key to ending food waste is for each of us to step up and do our part, one run at a time.